Xanthate is an ester of xanthogen acid (ROC(=S)SH). Xanthate is a type of compound with the general formula S=C-SR1 (OR2), where R1 can be potassium or sodium in addition to the hydrocarbon group. Using carbon disulfide as the basic raw material, it reacts with ethanol and alkali to obtain the xanthate ROC (=S) SM (M = K or Na).It does not need to be separated to continue the reaction, and the halogenated hydrocarbon is added to obtain the xanthate ROC (= S) SR'. Used as an intermediate in organic synthesis. Its main principle is that cellulose reacts with CS 2 to form cellulose xanthate under the action of strong alkali (18% NaOH). It is easily soluble in dilute alkali solution and becomes viscous liquid. A thick, golden-brown viscous solution of cellulose Xanthate, used in the manufacture of rayon and cellophane. The chemical activity of organic chelating agent and its synergistic activation effect on xanthate are the key factors to improve the collecting property of xanthate.

In recent years, the use of xanthate and its complexes has attracted wide interest due to its good biological activity and superior performance in various aspects. With the development of the chemical industry, emissions from the chemical industry have gradually attracted people's attention. For example, in the treatment of chemical waste water, insoluble starch xanthate has great advantages in the treatment of radiation-containing waste water.