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Specification: Stearyl acrylate
Abbreviation: SA
CAS No. : 4813-57-4
MF: C21H40O2

1.Product Name:Stearyl acrylate     


3.CAS No. 4813-57-4

Product Description

Stearyl acrylate 

Other name:

CAS No.                                    4813-57-4

EINECS No.                              225-383-3

MF                                  C21H40O2                       

Quality standard

Purity                                          min. 97.0%(GC) 

Acid content                               max.0.5%

Chroma                            max.50 (Pt-Co)

Stabilization                       200±10 ppm MEHQ (HPLC)

physical data

Appearance                               white solid

Molecular weight                       324g/mol

Density                                      0.8g/cm3 (20℃)

Principal Use

SA exhibits high flexibility, low shrinkage & good water resistance . Designed for curing by ultraviolet (UV) radiation and electron beam (EB).  Used in printing inks and coatings.


Steel drum,150kg net weight.

Transportation and Storage

Avoid shine rain and high temperature in transportation.Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.6 months from date of delivery at a maximum storage   temperature of 30℃.

Stearyl acrylate is a chemical substance with molecular formula C21H40O2 and molecular weight of 324.54. It belongs to carbonyl compounds; organic acid esters; monomers; intermediates; a kind of chemical raw materials. It is mainly used as a reactive diluent and cross-linking agent in a radiation curing system, but also as a resin cross-linking agent, plastic, rubber modifier; mainly used for paint leveling agent, paint, paint, release agent, oil Pour point depressant, various adhesives. Its physical and chemical properties are as follows: density: 0.868; melting point: 32-34°C; flash point: 153.1°C; boiling point: 400.2°C at 760 mmHg.

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