Wholesale Glycidyl methacrylate with remarkable quality

Name: Glycidyl methacrylate
Abbreviation: GMA
CAS No: 106-91-2
MF : C7H10O3

1. Glycidyl methacrylate


3.CAS No:106-91-2

4.Product Description:

Glycidyl methacrylate GMA

CAS No.                          106-91-2

EINCES No.                      203-441-9

MF                                        C7H10O3

Quality standard

Purity                               min. 99%

Acid content                     max.0.3%

Moisture                          max.0.05%

Chorma                           max.25 (Pt-Co)

Stabilization                     70±10 ppm (MEHQ)

Physical data

Appearance                     clear, colorless liquid

Molecular weight                142.15g/mol

Density                            1.075g/cm3 (20℃)

Principal Use

Mainly used for powder coating, also used for thermosetting coating, fiber treating agent, adhesive, antistatic agent, vinyl chloride stabilizer, rubber and resin modifier, ion exchange resin and printing ink adhesive.


Plastic drums,200kg net weight.

Transportation and Storage

Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire ; 6 months from date of delivery at a maximum storage temperature of 30℃.

Glycidyl methacrylate is used in adhesives and non-woven fabrics. When used in acrylic emulsions, it can improve its adhesion to metals, glass, cement, polyvinyl fluoride, etc.; used in non-woven fabrics of synthetic latex , Without affecting the feel of the hand, improve its washability. When used in the processing of synthetic resin materials, it can improve the injection moldability and extrusion moldability, and significantly improve the adhesion between resin and metal. It is used for synthetic fibers. It can improve the coloring power of poorly dyed fibers, improve the color fastness, and improve the ability of anti-wrinkle and anti-shrinkage. This product can improve the sensitivity, resolution and corrosion resistance of photosensitive resin. This product is grafted with polyolefin to improve tensile strength and bending strength. In addition, this product can also be used as raw materials for ion exchange resins, chelating resins, selective filtration membranes for medical use, anticoagulant, dental materials, non-dissolving adsorbents, etc. Also used for rubber modification.

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