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The common raw materials of ethylene are naphtha, ethane, propane, butane and coal / methanol. Among them, naphtha cracking is an important source of ethylene. Before 2005, the global ethylene production by naphtha cracking reached about 55% of the total ethylene production. However, the shale gas revolution in North America has led to the rapid development of ethane cracking. By 2014, naphtha cracking accounted for 46%, and ethane cracking accounted for 35%, becoming the second largest source of ethylene. Propane and butane cracking also developed rapidly, accounting for 14%. In the next few years, with the release of new capacity in North America, the proportion of ethane cracking will be further increased. By 2020, both naphtha and ethane cracking routes in the global ethylene supply will be about 40%.