Reliable standard Isobornyl acrylate from China

Product Name: Isobornyl acrylate
Abbreviation: IBOA
CAS No. : 5888-33-5
MF: C8H12O3

1.Product Name:Isobornyl acrylate     


3.CAS No. 5888-33-5

Product Description

Isobornyl acrylate  

Other name:

CAS No.                                    5888-33-5

EINECS No.                              219-268-7

MF                                   C8H12O3                       

Quality standard

Purity                                          min. 95.0%(GC) 

Acid content                               max.0.5%

Moisture                     max.0.2%

Chroma                            max.50 (Pt-Co)

Stabilization                       100-300 ppm MEHQ 

physical data

Appearance                               Colorless or slight yellow clear liquid

Molecular weight                       156.18 g/mol

Density                                      1.064g/cm3 (20℃)

Principal Use

Isobenzene acrylate has high activity, high hardness, low shrinkage, mainly used in coatings, inks, adhesives etc. 


Plastic drum,200kg net weight.

Transportation and Storage

Avoid shine rain and high temperature in transportation.Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.6 months from date of delivery at a maximum storage   temperature of 30℃.

Isobornyl acrylate is a chemical substance with the molecular formula C13H20O2. This product is used in adhesives and special coatings with high activity, high hardness and low shrinkage. Using IBOA as a reactive diluent in radiation-curable coatings (inks) can effectively reduce the viscosity of the coatings (inks), improve application performance, and improve the leveling of the coating. Using IBOA as a reactive diluent for epoxy acrylic oligomers can significantly reduce the internal stress of the coating and reduce the volume shrinkage of the coating, thereby significantly improving the adhesion, shrinkage, impact resistance and resistance of the radiation cured coating Characteristic indicators such as scratches and weather resistance without reducing its hardness and flexibility. If IBOA is used in the protective coating of optical discs, it has excellent adhesion and scratch resistance to fine-grained surfaces, and has excellent coating performance and significantly improves the gloss of the coating film. Therefore, IBOA as a reactive diluent for radiation-cured coatings has been widely used in metal glazing, glass flexible plastic films, engineering plastics and optical fiber coatings. At the same time, it has been used in some special printing inks such as outdoor inkjet, polyethylene film and other materials Used in printing inks. IBOA is suitable for manufacturing high Tg thermoplastic acrylic resin, and its products have high hardness, high alcohol resistance and heat resistance. And has good flexibility. Adhesion, moisture resistance, weather resistance, is a new type of acrylate polymer monomer with very characteristic structure, suitable for manufacturing soft plastic film coatings such as PET, PE, PP and other engineering plastic parts such as PE, PP, PC Decorative protective coating.

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