Premium Quality Sodium Diisobutyl Dithiophate Provide By China Factory

PH: 10-13
Purity: 49-53%
CAS No.: 53378-51-1
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Abbreviation: dithiophosphate bs (ibs)

CAS No: 53378-51-1

Sodium dibutyl dithiophosphate(Sodium diisobutyl dithiophosphate)

MF (C8H18O2PS2-Na+

Yellow to dark-brown aqueous solution, rather stable chemically, no pungent odour.
Purity: 49-53%
PH: 10-13

used in collector copper,zinc sulfide ore and gold,silver and other pricious metals mineral flotation,both weak foaming.
200kg/ plastic drum.

Store in dry, cool and ventilated place in seal; keep away from fire source.

Sodium dithiophosphate is a salt with the molecular formula of na3ps2o2. It is usually supplied in the form of hydrated solids or aqueous solutions along with other Thiophosphates, such as sodium monothiophosphate and sodium trithiophosphate. It is a colorless compound, but due to the presence of impurities, commercial samples may appear black. It is used to promote the separation of molybdenum from the ore. This salt is used as a flotation agent for enriching Molybdenite from ore, where it is commonly referred to as the "Nokes reagent." Salts are formed by the reaction of phosphorus pentasulfide with sodium hydroxide, and impure reagents are usually used to obtain a mixture of desired salts and associated Thiophosphates and oxidizing species. Generally, hydrophobic molybdenite particles become hydrophilic in the presence of this salt. In this case, the Nokes reagent is called an "inhibitor" because it inhibits the flotation tendency of solids

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