Low Price Isopropyl Ethyl Thionocarbamate Wholesale In Bulk

Purity: ≥95
Water: ≤1.0
Isopropyl alcohol: ≤2.0
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate IPETC

    MF C6H13NOS


light yellow to brown oily liquid, with pungent smell, relative density: 0.994; flashing point: 76.5℃; soluble in benzene, ethyl alcohol, diethyl ether, petroleum ether; lightly soluble in water.






Isopropyl alcohol





Isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate excellent collecting agent of ores such as copper sulphide, lead sulfide, zinc sulfide, molybdenum sulfide and nickel sulfide.


200kg/drum or 1000kg/IBC drum.


Store in dry, cool and ventilated place in seal; keep away from fire source.


weare goggles and anti-poison respirator, Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mouth cavity.

In the current study, batch froth flotation tests were used to explore the effects of using potassium amyl xanthate (PAX), isopropyl ethyl thionocarbamate (IPETC), sodium isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) and their mixtures on nickel grade and recovery. In the mixtures of PAX and SIBX with IPETC, the xanthate accounted for 95.5 mol% and a 50:50 mixture was used for the PAX and SIBX mixture respectively. Compared with xanthate, thiocarbamate is more stable in a larger pH range and has beneficial foaming properties. The effects of potassium amyl xanthate (PAX), isopropyl ethyl thiourea (IPETC), isobutyl xanthate (SIBX) and their mixtures on Flotation of a nickel pyrite foam were studied.

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