Hotsale Alkyl methacrylate with adequate quality

Name: Alkyl methacrylate
CAS No.: 2495-25-2
EINECS No. : 219-671-8
Molecular weight : 263 g/mol

1.Alkyl methacrylate 

CAS No.   2495-25-2

EINECS No.  219-671-8

4.Product Description:

Alkyl methacrylate 

CAS No.                                    2495-25-2

EINECS No.                               219-671-8

Structural Formula                      CH2=C(CH3)COOCnH2n+1(n=12,13)                       

Quality standard

Purity                                         min. 98.0% (GC)

Acid content                              max.0.05%

Moisture                                   max.0.05%

Chroma                           max.50 (Pt-Co)

Stabilization                       200±10 ppm MEHQ

physical data

Appearance                               clear, colorless liquid.

Molecular weight                       263 g/mol

Density                                      0.871~0.877g/cm3 (20℃)

Principal Use

Alkyl methacrylate is mainly used as paper coating agent, coating agent, lubricating oil additive, fiber treating agent, filler, etc.


Plastic drums or stainless steel tank,170kg net weight.

Transportation and Storage

Avoid shine rain and high temperature in transportation.Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.6 months from date of delivery at a maximum storage   temperature of 30℃.

Alkyl methacrylate is a high-molecular chemical raw material and a functional monomer. Functional monomers are monomers that provide specific functional groups. Functional monomers are: surface active monomers, self-crosslinking functional monomers, water-soluble monomers, etc. The functional monomer is selected according to the structure or functional group of the imprinted molecule. It must be able to interact with the imprinted molecule and be in the proper position with the crosslinker molecule in order for the imprinted molecule to obtain the desired orientation and positioning.

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