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Appearance: brown oily liquid.relative
Density: 1.08~1.15.
Purity: 90.0%
Payment Terms: TT , LC , Others

Ester 105

Other name: Carbamodithioic acid, diethyl-, 2-cyanoethyl ester

CAS No.  10264-39-8


Appearance: brown oily liquid.relative

Purity: min. 90.0%

Molecular weight: 128.22 g/mol

Density: 1.08~1.15.

Ester 105 is an excellent collector in floating copper sulfide with an excellent selectivity and good frothing.And it will increase the quality of refined mine and decrease the cost of flotation.

Bernel ester 105 is a kind of dry filament ester with high branching and low molecular weight. It has very low freezing point, low viscosity, good permeability and adhesion resistance. Other outstanding qualities include solubility and compatibility in a variety of ingredients, such as esters, silicones, mineral oils and vegetable oils. This unique characteristic enables it to be used in many cosmetics. Our emollient esters are a popular choice for formulators due to their low odor, low color and high purity. Many of our products are derived from natural sources.

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