Factory Price Polyvinylpyrrolidone Provide By China Factory

CAS No.: 9003-39-8
MF: (C6H9NO)n
Appearance: White to milky white powder
Package: 20 k-Packed in 20 kg fiber or plastic drum


Other Name: 

CAS No.                                    9003-39-8
MF (C6H9NO)n
physical data
Appearance White to milky white powder
Principal Use

1.Disintegrant for tablets, granules and hard gelatin capsules;2.Stabilizer for oral and topical suspensions;3.Improvement of dissolution and bioavailability, Filtration aid;
Packed in 20 k-Packed in 20 kg fiber or plastic drum, inner lined with PE bags;
Transportation and Storage
Avoid shine rain and high temperature in transportation.Store the products in cool, shady and ventilated conditions, keep far away from fire.

The company's production capacity is 55000 tons / year, and there are more than 60 varieties of products, which are mainly used for flotation of copper, lead, zinc, gold, silver, nickel, cobalt and other non-ferrous metal sulfide ores, oxide ores, rare earth metal ores, cobalt molybdenum ores, copper zinc ores, tungsten fine slimes, iron concentrates, etc., and has national and municipal technology research and development centers. In mining or extractive metallurgy, beneficiation is any process that improves the economic value of ore by removing gangue minerals, resulting in higher grade products (concentrates) and waste streams (tailings). There are many different types of beneficiation, each step further enriches the original ore.

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