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At present, China's 1,4-butanediol (BDO) industry is still in the stage of rapid development. According to the characteristics of rich coal and less oil in China, BDO production by improved alkynaldehyde method (modified Reppe process) with acetylene and formaldehyde produced by coal chemical industry as raw materials is the development trend of BDO industry. In recent years, most of the newly-built and planned BDO units in China adopt this process route, that is, acetylene and formaldehyde react to synthesize 1,4-butynediol in the presence of catalyst, and then hydrogenate to form BDO. The core of this process is the synthesis of 1,4-butynediol with basic copper carbonate catalyst. However, because the core technology of the improved alkynaldehyde process is monopolized by foreign large companies, the catalyst required by the domestic built units completely relies on imports, resulting in high catalyst price and long order cycle. In addition, the basic copper carbonate catalyst in the use process also has the problems of poor filtration, easy loss, short life and high production cost.